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AfriCORR Corrosion Schools

It has been identified that there are needs for particular research skills. In an attempt to address this Corrosion schools are being designed to address these specific skills. 

3rd Biannual AfriCORR Corrosion School 2018

Workshop 1 : Corrosion Research Techniques (16-17 July 2018)

A Corrosion School / Workshop focused on a variety of research techniques available for Corrosion interest and research will be hosted on 16-17 July 2018, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

This workshop will provide hands-on opportunities to delegates to develop skills in a number of the spectroscopy disciplines, as well as potentiometry.

By restricting the numbers of delegates, we ensure that everyone receives the opportunity to interact with the presenters and the equipment to maximise benefits.

This workshop is primarily geared to research students and full-time researchers who wish to improve their skills and gain exposure to different analysis techniques.

Workshop 2 :  Pipeline Integrity Management (17 July 2018)

Renowned specialist, Dr Iftikhar Ahmad will facilitate this workshop focusing on maintaining the integrity of oil and gas pipelines by monitoring and mitigating both internal and external corrosion.

This workshop will examine a variety of "standard" practices available and discuss the efficacies and practicalities of them. The format fosters active participation and sharing of knowledge and expertise to benefit everyone in the industry.

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